I Can Officially Say I Survived a Hurricane

Well, Hurricane Matthew is officially in Charleston’s history. Ours too. 

It’s interesting to me as some one who grew up in the mountains her whole life to have lived through a hurricane.

I was raised in Montana, the land of below zero and frozen air, but I never once had a snow day. But here I am now living in the south and I have had six “hurricane days.” David and I have both been out of work since Wednesday. The governor issued an emergency evacuation for anyone who lived within 100 miles of the coast but even though the ocean is 20 miles away from were we are, we stayed put. 

David and I agreed that because we live in Summerville, South Carolina that it probably wouldn’t hit us that bad. We were right. I know that some parts of where we live received pretty bad blows, like Folly Beach. I also know that nearly 800,000 people lost power (according to the newspaper.)

The police have surveyed the area, the roads have opened back up, maintaince is cleaning the streets, and David and I will be back to work tomorrow. Looks like things are slowly returning to normal. 

During the storm the police actually tweeted, “if the gas stations are out of gas please do not call 911.” David and I found that slightly amusing. Everyone has the right to react to a national disaster in there own way I guess but for us we felt the smartest move was to remain calm. We went to the grocery store to pick a few things and nearly all the shelves were empty. The irony is that we only went to the store because we were out of green beans, eggs, and I had a pregnancy craving for Kraft Mac n’ Cheese (not a normal food for us.) 

Other exciting things happened this weekend. I entered my 28th week of my pregnancy, which means our baby is the size of an eggplant. I am officially in my third trimester! Crazy to think we will be parents in a few short months.

I just wanted to send out a quick update to let you all know that we are just fine and that most people around us are too. 

Here are some photos and videos of what we whitnessed of the hurricane.

For us it was mostly a tropical storm. The worst that happened was that we lost power. I also had to be all adult today and go buy a hose so I could spray out the debris from our back porch. 

I also posted the latest photos of my belly!  


Storm Update (Hurricane Matthew)

This will be a quick post but my phone is blowing up from all the worried texts. Yes, I live in South Carolina where the hurricane may or may not hit. 

Both of our jobs have been shut down until Saturday. One of my jobs is in downtown Charleston so that means downtown is shutting down. My boss in Mount Pleasant was evacuated last night. And David’s work in North Charleston shut down but we think that has more to do with the employees not being able to get to work then it does with North Charleston not being safe.

 Of course all of this means that David and I will be spending the day putting up our storm shutters. 

Summerville is so far inland that we do not need to evacuate. We will likely just have heavy rain and wind. 

Most of the gas stations around here are sold out so even if we wanted to leave we couldn’t. 

Just know that we are safe and our neighbors aren’t worried either. 

We will keep everyone  posted.


Baby Girl’s Name

It is hard to believe that I am 27 weeks pregnant! Baby is the size of large head of lettuce. I’m almost done with my second trimester. The reality that we are going to have a third being in our home in about three months is beginning to overwhelm me.

I have one more month left working two jobs. I figured being eight months pregnant and working 70 hour work weeks wasn’t a smart idea. No need to go in to preterm labor. But reducing down to one job is the beginning of our financial stress. We are trusting the Lord every step of the way. Fortunately, we have been very blessed with gifts and support. We still need a hefty list of items but I am sure that is to be expected.

We went to Washington a couple weeks ago and my sister-in-law and my mom threw David and I a wonderful family BBQ/Baby shower.

The party was amazing! It was wonderful to see every one and to eat a lot of food. It was so good to be back in the west coast. Where my world has always been up until we moved south a couple winters ago. I can honestly say it was the happiest I have been in a very long time.

At that party we were finally able to announce the baby’s name. She will be named after my great aunt whom I am very close with. She taught me a lot about life growing up. She embodies the fruits of the spirit. Love, patience, kindness etc. I won’t go into all the details of why I love her so much but the point to remember is that in my mind she needed a namesake, she needed to live on through another generation. So her first name is Cherri.

The baby’s middle name will me Rose. Which it’s inherent meaning is a symbol of love and it’s spiritual connotation is God’s gracious gift.  The supporting scripture to this is: Isaiah 62:3 “You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God.”

In sum her name is Cherri Rose Kadron. Our beautiful gift.
We are registered on Amazon:

Baby Registry

Preparing For Baby

There are big moments in life as we all know. Moments that stay in our hearts forever whether good our bad, they stay with us.

Growing up you begin to think about your future. Who you might become. Who you’ll marry. The kind of career you might establish.

It’s amazing because nothing is ever what it seems. Even if you dream your whole life of becoming a firefighter once you get there it may not be exactly as you imagined.

I wouldn’t say I’ve had many big accomplishments in my life. Nothing to write home about, but I do think I’ve made a good life for myself.

When David and I bought our first home and pointed our bedroom it was such a pivotal moment. It was life, however simple, it was beautiful.

I have married a good man, we bought a house, we pay our bills , and we survive in our own happy little world.

Today was another huge moment for me. We began to set up the baby’s room by building the crib! I couldn’t stop smiling. I just can’t believe this is happening. I’m currently living a long awaited dream of mine.

There is not a second of this pregnancy that I am taking for granted knowing how hard we worked to get here and how some people are still holding out for hope. While others can’t have children. Life is messy and too often things don’t turn around for better. So when you have happiness hold on to it and remember that feeling when life gets too hard.

I am so thankful for the baby gifts we have already received in the mail. My boss is a wonderful woman who blessed David and I with the 4 in 1 crib we wanted, a mattress, and  crib sheets. My sisters in law fixed a ripped elephant stuffed animal and now it finally has a home. My mom bought us a diaper bag and other fun goodies. And those are just naming a few.  I am only in month five and I already feel overwhelmed by the love and support we are getting. Not that I am complaining! I love how loved we are.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, our hearts, all three of us. We feel incredibly blessed.

Here is a link to our baby registry. Because we live so far away we figured it would be best to do the registry through Amazon that way items can be sent to directly to us. Also, note the Amazon prices change daily based on demand. So if something seems oddly priced check back in a couple days and more then likely the price will have changed. Lastly, a certain percentage of our registry’s profits are going to go to the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

Baby Kadron’s Wish List

Keep in mind that I’ve never been a mom before so I will gladly accept all the advice I can get. In other words if there is something that you think I missed please let me know!

Oh, the last photo is the beginning of my very tiny baby bump!

The highs and lows of pregnancy

Well at this stage in the game I am 17 weeks pregnant and entering my fifth month! Exciting! Baby is the size of a pomegranate!

Or you could say I’m 18 weeks pregnant…

The doctors seem to be inconsistent.

The two doctors I’ve seen at the same practice have different ideas on due date. One thinks I’m due 12/30 the other says 01/11… 

Oh, well the point is we are having a baby and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 

The bad news is I currently have a terrible head cold. And when your pregnant with a cold there really isn’t anything you can do. Except sleep and drink lots of fluids. Trust me when I say this isn’t fun. Watery  eyes, sneezing, coughing…. And missing work. So that is definitely a low in pregnancy.

However, I do have good news! Originally my mom was planning on throwing David and I a gender reveal party when we fly home at the end of the month but now it seems she wants to throw is a gender specific party. Which will be close to a regular baby shower except that it will still be early on in my pregnancy and boys will be there too. I’m so excited for this! Because we live across the country this will be the only celebratory party we get! 

With that said David and I found out the most amazing news news yesterday and that is… We are having a baby girl! 

A girl! 

We couldn’t be more elated. 

My Heart Is Alive (an update on Baby K)

For the most part things in my life have never made sense. My choices. My actions. The horrible things that happened around me.

I found my life seemed wayward and off course. I would define myself in a million different ways but nothing seemed to fit. Photographer, missionary, artist, writer, sad, lost, wife etc… 

The one thing I never thought I would define myself as is, Mother. 

But, I’m slowly realizing that is part of who I’m going to be. 

God is at work in my body and on Monday I was able to glimpse the new love of my life. 

I can’t help but smile and when I am alone I let it sink in and I cry. Cry because a dream is coming true. My greatest hope is happening. 

There are days were I feel very sick and I do my very best not to complain because in the end it wil all be worth it. I don’t want it to be taken for granted. 

I am 14 weeks, which is the start of my second trimester and the fourth month. Baby is now the size of a peach and growing rapidly everyday. 

I still look the same. I have a tiny baby bump but unless you know me personally you wouldn’t be able to tell. It is the weirdest feeling having my stomach get firmer and firmer by the day. 

Here are some photos from our latest ultrasound! ​

We were able to see Baby K yawn and wave! 

Three Years In The Making 

There are these moments in life were it all seems too good to be true. These glimpses into pure joy that cause your whole body to freeze because the news is just too good to be true. 

For example, when David proposed I stood there in such shock that I didn’t say anything. Even though I knew it was coming I was still shocked. 

Or maybe that’s just me, I don’t accept good news very well. 

David and I have always wanted children but I wasn’t sure it was even possible. Last year we visited a fertility clinic and found out I had some health issues. Basically I have one bad fallopian tube and I hardly ever get my period. I was on thyroid medication for awhile. All of which led to the fact that we could have kids if I committed to a life with medicine. I wasn’t sure I wanted that for myself. 

So we figured, one day we will adopt and love the child just as our own. But, David never stopped praying that we would conceive. Every night since we have been married he has prayed, which is almost three years. 

But, as a miracle would have it I had a random period in March. And just like every other time I had a random period we would try. I can’t tell you how many negative pregnancy test we had.

I’m a pessimist so it is my nature to give up and be negative but David is an eternal optimist, constantly believing in the impossible. 

I remember coming home the night before Mother’s Day, I was feeling pretty normal aside from massive tenderness in my breasts but I want to take a test just too see if it was anything. I knew we had one left over from a package we bought awhile ago. 

It was funny because I came home put water into a pot and turned the burner on so that the water could  begin to boil for our spaghetti dinner. After I turned the burner on I went upstairs and took the test. 

When the two pink lines showed up I couldn’t believe it. I ran downstairs and turned the burner off and then ran back upstairs to stare at the test. I repeated this process a couple of times, running up and down the stairs turning the burner on and off. I Googled positive tests and made sure that the Google photo of a positive test matched my test. 
Once I calmed down a little I called David at work four or five times until he finally picked up his phone. I told him that there was a family emergency and that he needed to come home ASAP. 

Twenty minutes later he was home and calling after me. I lead him up the stairs and into the bathroom and pointed at the test. I meekly said “that says positive right?” He nodded and hugged me. After he absorbed the information he was quiet. Looking up photos on Google and making sure false positives where rare. Then there was this moment of pure joy and tears and all we could do was hold each other. The next day, Mother’s Day, I went out and got a digital test because I wanted to take a test that flat out told me Pregnant or Not Pregnant. When it said pregnant again my heart exploded. This was real. This is happening.

Two days later we had a blood test confirm the pregnancy and we were able to get an ultrasound photo. We were only six weeks then so the baby was barely a grain of rice but it was amazing to see. 

Yesterday we met our OBGYN for the first time and confirmed our due date is roughly January 11th. I say roughly because we all know how due dates change.

They took another ultrasound photo and it amazes me how quickly the baby grew from six weeks to eight weeks.

The baby is upside down but you can see it’s microscopic arms! 

So there you have it. David and I are going to have a baby. Our miracle baby. Three years in the making. A little bit of heaven is growing inside me and I can’t help but smile. 

A New Adventure 

Here are the photos I promised y’all a couple of days ago. 

This what our bedroom looked like before: 

And this is what our bedroom looks like now that we painted it:  

Pretty cool huh? Nasty green, to a red and a grayish blue color. I’ll keep posting photos as we make our little changes. 

I am officially taking on a new personal assistant position. I will start training in the next week or so and in March I will have a more consistent schedule. 

I will be working with a gal in Mount Pleasant. I will be helping her write letters and create care packages for orphans she sponsors with World Visio, amount other things. I am not leaving Apple as this new job doesn’t offer insurance so I’ll keep staying part-time at Apple.

This job is so completely different then anything I’ve done in the past and if truth is to told I am terrified. 

I’m scared I won’t like it or I will fail. I am a million miles away from my comfort zone. But I have the support of my husband and the hand of God to help me climb this new mountain.

We Finally Get To Sleep In Our Bed!

We closed on our house on the 23rd or December. The lease to our apartment didn’t end until the end of January so we took our sweet time moving in  to our new house but what we didn’t do was prioritize the master bedroom.

Instead we painted the bathroom and cleaned everything else first. By the time we moved in we realized that we didn’t want to set up our bedroom until it was painted. 

Just as we predicted, life got really busy and we have had to paint it little by little. Meaning the room was dark green and it took two coats of paint to make it look prefect. Which means we had to paint it,wait for it to dry, and then paint it again when we had time to. And to make things harder on ourselves we decided to do one wall a dark red.

But now all the painting is done and we were able to set up our bed tonight. So here we are a month into living in our new house and we are spending the night in our bedroom! I know it sounds lame but I’m pumped! It’s like when you go on a long vacation and all you want to do is go home to your own bed and have a great nights sleep. 

I’ll post before and after photos tomorrow. It looks great, well at least in my opinion. 

The feeling I get when I look around this room is pure joy and maybe a little pride because we did it. We bought a house. We own a house. We pay a morgage. We painted various rooms. It’s ours. 

Ok, you get my point but I’m not sure I believe it all yet. Everything about it just seems so out-of-body. 

I wonder when it will all sink in or if it ever will. I guess that’s the art of adulting. 

A Small World Tidbit

I hope y’all had a great Super Bowl weekend. I know that it’s pretty much an American Holiday so that is why I feel an odd sense of guilt that I didn’t watch it.

Instead, David and I spent the day painting our bedroom. It’s almost finished! We have to do one more coat of paint around the edges of the room and once that dries we will finally be able to move into our bedroom and create an office where we are currently sleeping. Awe, the joys of homeownership. I like it though because all of the work we are doing just reminds me that it is ours and we are slowly making it ours.

Anyways, I did watch some of the commercials on YouTube and I must say that PETA has disturbed me once again. I also heard that the half time show was a royal gem this year. I guess I’ll never know, oh well.

Yesterday was also my best friends and my nieces birthday. My best friend turning 25 and my niece turning 11 born a mere 14 years apart.

I find it so ironic how small of a world we can live in. I met my best friend long after my niece was born and when I found out when her birthday was I couldn’t help but feel oddly bonded to her especially because I was one of the first few people to hold my niece. Kind of cool how life works.